Dyslexic and Loving Words: A film by Vicky Morris

Dyslexic and Loving Words
A film by Vicky Morris
Made for Off the Shelf Festival of Words 2013

Dyslexic and Loving Words asks the question — “What if you’re dyslexic but you love to write or use words?” Through interviews with seven practicing wordsmiths, the film highlights how it’s possible to overcome dyslexic issues or work around the challenges they present if you have a passion for words.

Within the testimonials we find a poet and author, a storyteller, a spoken word artist, a creative writing student, a novelist and the founder of an initiative for dyslexic writers. There are also insights from Mel Hunt, Principal Specialist Teacher at Dyslexia Action Sheffield and Professor John Stein, of the Dyslexia Research Trust.

Shonaleigh Cumbers
Benjamin Zephaniah
Sally Gardner
Saju Ahmed
Lily Davies
Naomi Folb
Adderson Hawdon

Mel Hunt, Principal Specialist Teacher, Dyslexia Action
Professor John Stein, Dyslexia Research Trust

Music: ‘Remember This’ by Dave James & Richard O’Connor

Camera: Jenson Grant
Assistant Camera: Ed Kitchen
Editing: Vicky Morris & Ed Kitchen
Production Support: Jenson Grant & Rob Speranza

Check out:
National Charity:
RASP: Rebelling Against Spelling Press (RASP) A publishing company for dyslexic writers.
DYSPLA: Celebrating dyslexic story makers

Thank you to all who supported the making of this film.
Special thanks to Su Walker and the team at Off the Shelf Festival of Words, Mel Hunt and Emma Malcolm at Dyslexia Action, Jenson Grant and Ed Kitchen, Wade Jackson & Lily Davies and family.

Funded and supported by:
Sheffield Town Trust
Off the Shelf Festival of Words, Sheffield