Bridport Story cafe

SHONALEIGH CUMBERS returns to the Story Cafe with THE OPAL FOREST, the third tale in the Gem Cycle. Nobody entering the Opal Forest emerges unscathed. The scholar becomes a hero, the wise man is driven mad, the fool becomes a warrior without reason and the innocent are older than they should be. Of all the journey we make it is the ones we fear the most that we gain most from. The key is knowing which forest to get lost in, which mountain to climb, which battle to walk away from.

Another spellbinding tale from SHONALEIGH yesterday, with THE OPAL FOREST taking us to the third story in her re-telling of the Gem Cycle. A story of journeys into – and eventually out of (for some) – a forest which is like no other and which changes forever those who do return. To a warm and enthusiastic audience Shonaleigh brought her usual wit, warmth and extraordinary and generous ability to tell the myriad stories within these old stories. “That is a story for another time” can become a story told now – simply by one of the audience asking for it.

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