A Sky Full of Stories with Simon Heywood and Shonaleigh

In search of stories and inspiration, some people look around; some look within. How often do we think to look … up? The greatest source of wonder any of us will ever know awaits our attention in infinitely patient silence – over our heads. She tells her stories only by night in the silence of myriad points of light: in the wandering of the moon and planets.
Who is the sky? Where does she come from? Why is she there? What is she doing? Who are the stars? Who are the planets? Who are the constellations? What stories were told about the sky above us by ancient tribes and medieval philosophers? What can these stories tell us today? By turns serious and light-hearted, this two-day course will look at some of the sky-myths of ancient cultures and world civilisations and consider how these can furnish inspiration for today. Weather dependent, there will be a stargazing walk on the Saturday evening.

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