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BBC: Triple Trawler Tragedy

In the week of the 50th anniversary of Hull’s Triple Trawler Tragedy and Turning The Tide the BBC have this story:-

In the space of less than a month at the start of 1968, 58 fishermen based in the English port of Hull lost their lives in three separate trawler sinkings. Thanks to the efforts of a group of determined women, the deaths would change the industry, with the ripples spreading from the Arctic Sea to the steps of Downing Street.

“I am going over. We are laying over. Help me. I’m going over,” skipper Phil Gay pleaded in a final, desperate message from the Ross Cleveland, which sank while sheltering from a storm in an inlet near Isafjordur in Iceland on 4 February.

“Give my love and the crew’s love to the wives and families.”

The Ross Cleveland was the third vessel to sink, in what became known as the triple trawler tragedy.

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