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From Here to Maternity – a new performance

Shonaleigh has been hard at work, not re-hydrating tales from her ancestral storytelling tradition, but with developing a new show. ‘From Here to Maternity’ is drawn from her real life experience as a single Mum touring the land with a head full of tales and a bag full of nappies!

This funny and touching performance premiered at Festival at the Edge 2018 is open for bookings for 2019 onwards.

Join one of Europe’s foremost storytellers and hear the story of her life on the road as a single mother, a dyslexic storyteller and a woman who has the knack of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Oh yes – it’s totally manageable.

I’m sitting at the top of the stairs in my bra and knickers, doing a live phone interview with Woman’s Hour about how being a full-time storyteller and single parent is totally doable.

You just have to be organised.

I am very convincing.

My son toddles past wearing nothing but a nappy, a Stetson and a plastic gun holster.

Touring full time with a baby is no problem at all.

My son is trying to pin a sheriff’s badge onto the cat.

The interview ends. I put down the phone to search for my trousers and wonder if I can get away with odd shoes for the day.

Yup. It’s all going according to plan…

Would you like to book a performance of From Here to Maternity?

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