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Word weaver, tradition bearer and educator

Shonaleigh is a dedicated and committed storyteller actively working to expand and share the Drut’syla tradition. Brought up in the Drut’syla tradition by her Bubbe (grandmother) she has a repertoire of over three thousand stories which can be adapted as appropriate for the theme and audience with whom she is working.

Unforgettable weekend experiences that create opportunities for the Drut’syla to tell a tale in full and for storyteller and listeners to explore these tales told in an immersive traditional setting.

Upcoming Events


Fri 19 Sun 21 July 2024

Festival at the Edge – Shropshire

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

Mon 5 Fri 9 August 2024
Fri 16 Sun 18 August 2024
Saturday 17 August 2024
Fri 30 Aug Sun 1 Sep 2024

Song of Lilith – near Brighton

6pm Friday to 2pm Sunday

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This course is a five-day deep-dive into the nature of narrative and story. It takes you through practical exercises and creative explorations to help you tell your story in whatever medium you work in.

Walking the Wildwoods

Walking the Wildwoods is Shonaleigh’s “big” course.  

Participants are invited to walk with the Druts’yla tradition and discover a new way of thinking about story. We investigate how stories are held, unpeeled, understood and internalised on both a practical and holistic level.

The next chance to join is in 2024, when the course will run as a month intensive.

Bubbe's Wisdom

When the world is crying, it doesn’t need more tears.

What it needs is a hankerchief.

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