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A day comes when everything changes. What should have been the happy ending is the beginning of a nightmare. A blessing has become a curse and the curse is the only way to survive. When her world is torn apart Reisal has to watch as her family disappears and she herself becomes nothing more than a pawn of the powerful; Zekal Ben Yakov has to watch as his son sets out on a quest with only half a puzzle and a sackful of questions. The only thing that can save them all is a firewolf, an icefish, a snow tear and a goat-horn bee!

The wonderful SHONALEIGH returns to Storytelling Cafe after too long an absence. Shonaleigh is a drut’syla, a storyteller in a Jewish tradition inherited from her late grandmother, Edith Marks, who spent the war telling stories in the camps to save her life. Shonaleigh says of her grandmother – “Once you’ve heard your Jewish grandmother – who survived the Holocaust – tell a tale that can make you believe there’s still magic, there’s no going back.” And there certainly won’t be for our audience when they hear Shonaleigh’s stories.

Her show, The Diamond Girl, is drawn from her repertoire of over 3,000 stories. It is storytelling at its most dynamic and exciting. Shonaleigh is one of the country’s leading storytellers and regularly performs in festivals round Europe, the UK, and at venues from storytelling clubs to the Albert Hall. She also works tirelessly to promote storytelling in communities, working with European Commission of Human Rights and helping groups such as teenagers or immigrants – to find their voice. Here is a stellar storyteller who promises to tell you shining tales of bravery, magic and enchantment. Don’t miss Shonaleigh as she opens our new Season at Storytelling Cafe in September!


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