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Philosophy Garden at The Warren: Shonaleigh Cumbers tells ‘The Ruby Tree‘

After the award-winning success of last year, Philosophy Garden is back at The Warren on Sunday 11 May with three wonderful Storytelling events for Kids and Adults, as part of this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival.

Sunday 11 May, 6-8pm, Shonaleigh Cumbers tells ‘The Ruby Tree

This will be a real treat, Shonaleigh is a Drut’syla, a storyteller from the Jewish tradition of women’s oral storytelling. She has been telling stories since she was four, and was taught by her Grandmother who survived the troubles in war-torn Poland. Shonaleigh knows thousands of stories, some of which will feature in her main story called The Ruby Tree. Shonaleigh has a unique method of telling stories, her repertoire is so vast she is able to invite discussion and interruption from the audience who may ask for story requests. She weaves these requests around The Ruby Tree. There will be a short introduction by Folklorist Simon Heywood from Derby University.

Suitable for ages 12 upwards.

Here is a taste from the Ruby Tree…

… A King and his Queen long for a child. There is only one way to fulfill this wish: the King must pluck a fruit from the strange and wonderful Ruby Tree, planted by Elijah himself and guarded by a shape- shifting witch. This haunting story has been preserved in Jewish tradition for centuries, carrying echoes of Rapunzel, Snow White and the Twelve Brothers. Our tales may travel, but the themes within them cross cultures, and wherever they go, they speak to us of our longings and failings, the hopes of generations yet to be born, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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